Т-70 завода №38

Новый проект.
В продолжении линейки 70ых представляю - Т-70 завода №38.
Кит - миниарт Т-70М
Траленка - абер
Катки и башея- ЗИП
Траки - Фриул
Пулемет - Model Point 

Фото прототипа

2 комментария:

  1. Very nice model. I like the T-70 and I have already build the model of Miniart but I have to rebuild one more because the tracks are very bad. I like your model for all the addings and the road wheels ( a late type ?) I will follow your project with great interest. Happy modeling.

  2. Thank you noticed my model.
    The t-70 production plant №38 stood data wheel (early type). This is a feature of the plant №38. Truckee I used Friulmodel atl 55
    Respectfully, Roman